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Piano Lesons
Piano Lessons
Teacher and Pupil at Piano Lesson

Thank you for visiting our website as you consider piano lessons for yourself or a loved one. At Naperville Music, careful attention is placed on the objectives of each piano student to ensure that an appropriate lesson plan is in place while they take piano lessons. Our teachers understand that every student has different needs and abilities and therefore the piano lessons will be planned with that knowledge in mind.  Wherever the student's musical interests lie, Naperville Music's Just Play Music program has a piano instructor to help the student realize his or her greatest musical ambitions!  CLICK TO LEARN MORE.

Drums and Percussion
Guitar-Bass-Ukulele Lessons

The philosophy for taking guitar or bass lessons at Naperville Music is simple and effective. Learn what you want to know to have fun and play the songs and music you enjoy. Learn what you need to know to become the knowledgeable, well rounded, creative and self-reliant musician you desire to be. This balanced approach to the immediate enjoyment of the instrument while also working towards building a strong musical foundation for the future is ultimately the most satisfying and rewarding approach to learning the guitar or bass. CLICK TO LEARN MORE

Teenger Playing Guitar
Drums and Percussion Lessons

Learn the styles you want, play and record real songs and

become the drummer you always dreamed of becoming

Beginners to advanced students of all ages are welcome   As with all our private lessons, the drum lessons are customized to the student's individual needs, goals and previous experience.

All lessons are private and held in a one-on-one teaching environment. You will learn using state of the art YAMAHA electronic drums.   These drums allow students to hear the drums as they should be heard while playing. We do not teach on "drum pads." Snare drum methods and rudiments will be taught to provide a basis for drum set performance.


Voice and Vocal Lessons

Are you interested in singing in a band, choir, or rock group? Need to prepare for an upcoming event?    You can take your vocals to the next level, or simply learn to sing for the first time. Our instructors help you achieve your vocal goals with private voice and vocal lessons. Learn proven techniques for improving your vocal skills, and take advantage of our many performance opportunities. CLICK TO LEARN MORE

Choir Class
String Instruments

Interested in playing in an orchestra? Or need to prepare for an upcoming event? Take your playing to the next level, or simply learn to play for the first time with our orchestra lessons. Our instructors will help you achieve your goals. Learn proven techniques for improving your skills, and take advantage of our many performance opportunities. Naperville Music delivers high caliber lessons with highly experienced string instructors who love music and love to teach on the following string instruments. CLICK TO LEARN MORE

Woodwind Instruments

Woodwind Lessons are a great way to introduce young people to the world of music. Not only do woodwind lessons introduce them to a fascinating cultural world - it has been proven that introduction to music gives a young person an advantage in understanding math and science. Naperville Music-can provides you with a woodwind teacher that will make that introduction special. 

There are many types of popular woodwind instruments and our teachers make learning them fun. CLICK TO LEARN MORE

Playing the transverse flute
Music Class
Brass Instruments

You can improve your skills with some Brass Instrument lessons from our brasswind teachers. Are you interested in playing in an orchestra or a band? Or need to prepare for an upcoming event?  No matter which brass instrument you choose, get ready to use your lungs. Naperville Music delivers high caliber, private brass instrument lessons with highly experienced instructors who love music and love to teach. CLICK TO LEARN MORE

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