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Alto Saxophone

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Alto Saxophone



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The saxophone is a popular instrument in school programs so your child will have the opportunity to participate in band with their friends. Due to the size of the instrument and the required lung capacity the recommended age to start a child in saxophone lessons is 9 years old. It is also important to consider the weight of the instrument, stretch of the child's arm and size of their hands/fingers when considering this instrument. Their arms must be strong enough to support the instrument and their hands big enough to reach the keys.

Saxophone lessons will teach your child the proper position for holding the instrument. They will focus on embouchure (the way you shape your mouth while playing), sound repertoire, finger placement, and music reading. 

The theory taught to play the saxophone is also very similar to the clarinet and the flute. Many times young players will learn on the clarinet, because it is smaller, and then switch over to saxophone to broaden their musical talents.

Do Saxophones come in sizes?

Yes.  Saxophones come in several different sizes: 

  • Soprano may be either straight or curved. This instrument is difficult for beginners because the intonation (playing in tune) is more challenging than Alto or Tenor.  

  • Alto may also be curved or straight. It is the instrument recommended for beginners. 

  • Tenor is larger than the Alto and has a larger mouthpiece.

  • Baritone is the largest of the Sax family. 

The alto saxophone is advisable for beginners because of its size and shape make it manageable for children. Other factors making the alto a popular first saxophone is that it is generally less expensive. The Alto Sax is most often used in school band programs and it is popular even in the professional field.

Naperville Music is one of the Chicago areas largest private music lesson studios.  We serve Naperville, Wheaton, Aurora, Lisle, Plainfield and other surrounding towns. We are committed to music education, and  private music lessons were one of our first services we offered when we opened in 1974.  Our lesson studios and waiting areas are modern and safe, and located inside our facility. 


Our Teachers


We have learned that the teacher's ability to motivate a student is critical to the success of the student.  All of our teachers are dedicated and committed to showing students the joy and fun of taking lessons and of making music. Because of our large staff of teachers, our enrollment counselors are able to match your student's experience and ability with an appropriate instructor.

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