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You Can Give Your Child- Smiles, Acompishment, Self-Confidence, and New and Long Lasting Friendships

You Can Give Your Child
Smiles, Accomplishment, Self-Confidence, and New and Long Lasting Friendships

Now You Can Join with Thousands of Parent who have found this area's Cost-Effective Solution to being in the School Music Program.

It Can All Start With Our $5 Dollar Rental
(most popular instruments)  


Every Rental Includes

  • Maintenance and Repair Protection

  • Free Loaner Instruments

  • Damage Protection

  • Rent Applies to the Purchase

  • Educator Approved Instruments

  • Flexible Return an Exchange Options

  • Early Purchase Discounts

  • Easy- No Obligation Reservations

  • No Long-Term Commitments

  • Does Naperville Music make regular visits to my school? Are they necessary in today's economy?
    Probably not. We operate on an entirely different business model than most rental instrument companies. Just look at our website then look at the typical school vendors website. We feel that we can provide our customers with a much higher level of customer service and convenience by using the modern technology available to us. We feel that we can provide you with better products, faster service, and lower prices. We have been renting instruments since 1976.
  • What kind of instruments do you rent?
    All of our instruments are name brand instruments that are approved and accepted by school districts nationwide. Every instrument we rent has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason in your initial rental period you are not satisfied, we will exchange your instrument or refund your money. We rent both new and like-new instruments. Supply chain interuptions still affect the music industry. The good news is that our like-new instruments are an exceptional value. These are instruments that were used for a brief period before the student quit. These instruments are sanitized, tested for proper operation, and repackaged. They are identical to brand new instruments, except that in some instances they may have very minor scratches. Most people think that they are new. While the rental rates are the same, the like-new instruments have a reduced purchase price and are a good value for most parents.
  • What if I have a repair problem?
    It's easy. We will repair your instrument while you wait, or we will provide a free loaner instrument. Obtaining an instrument from Naperville Music means that you will have your instrument repaired or replaced days before a "road rep" from the schools' vendor would even make their weekly rounds.
  • Is my repair work guaranteed?
    Yes, all repairs are 100% guaranteed on all repairs, and there is never any charge.
  • What is the warranty on your instruments?
    All instruments carry the manufacturer's standard warranty. Many of our instruments carry a 10 year manufacturer warranty. Some warranty periods are less depending upon brand and model.
  • Are you new in business? What's your track record?
    We've been in Naperville under the same ownership since 1974, that's almost 1/2 Century. We have completed thousands of rental transactions to school district students and to our own students. Actual customer satisfaction survey results show over 97% of our customers recommend us to their friends because of the superior service and great value our program provides.
  • Can I apply my rental to the purchase?
    Yes, 100% of your rental money, less a nominal damage and repair waiver fee, applies to the purchase. And to give the most flexibility, we actually will apply your rent to the instrument you have or even to another brand or model. You only pay the price differential at the time of your purchase.
  • Are your rentals done only at special days and times?
    Of course not. Our staff can assist you any day or time we are open, at your convenience- No need for an appointment, or waiting in long lines at school, just to overpay. Use our no obligation reservation system on our website to get started. We do not gather any financial information in this process.
  • Do I have any other obligations?
    No, simply continue your rental payments or return the instrument at any time.
  • My school has a music dealer at the school who charges more than you. Do I have to rent my instrument from the company that was pre-selected for me?
    Absolutely not. While some school districts may steer you toward a specific vendor, most progressive districts have an open policy on band and orchestra rentals. They realize that with a free choice, parents will make a decision which is to their benefit. Regardless of what might be said, you are under no obligation to do business with any pre-arranged vendor. Most people agree that free enterprise works for the benefit of the consumer. Your complete satisfaction with our products and services are always guaranteed.
  • Do I have to take whatever instrument is issued to me?
    No. Most parents pickup their instrument at our store and at that time we inspect each instrument with you individually when it is rented. But if you rent from the school's music dealer you definitely will take what they give you. You can disapprove of the instrument and select another if you wish. There are never any surprises when your instrument comes home for the first time.
  • Can school employees 'promote' a certain vendor?
    While the presence of a music dealer at your school seems to imply an endorsement, most modern day school districts will remain neutral, and support your right to make your own decision on the music dealer you wish to do business with. Based upon your own personal decision.
  • How Do I Get Started?
    You can arrange to rent from us in many ways. You can visit our store, e-mail us a no obligation reservation request, you can rent online, or you can call us to reserve your instrument, or ask additional questions. You can even use our online chat to text option.


Hear is what others are saying ...


"My daughter signed up for fifth year orchestra at her grade school but wanted to start lessons before the school year started. So we looked around for the best rental price. Naperville music had the lowest prices and an unimaginably low introductory price. We rented from Naperville music and got a really good violin – the music teacher even commented on how nice it was. We have been very happy with the quality of the instruments they have provided us and the kind, courteous, no hassle service." Constance L.- Geneva

    Dear Rich & the Wonderful Staff at Naperville Music, we rented to own our son's clarinet from your store and we have been extremely satisfied. Not only was the price right, but the service has been exceptional. We have three younger children that will also be going through the school, and music, program in Naperville and we will give all our business to Naperville music. Perhaps then we can put together a band with the kids and start the next Partridge Family.  Sincerely;  Ray M.


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