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You Can Give Your Child- Smiles, Acompishment, Self-Confidence, and New and Long Lasting Friendships

You Can Give Your Child
Smiles, Accomplishment, Self-Confidence, and New and Long Lasting Friendships

Now You Can Join with Thousands of Parent who have found this area's Cost-Effective Solution to being in the School Music Program.

It Can All Start With Our $5 Dollar Rental
(most popular instruments)  


Every Rental Includes

  • Maintenance and Repair Protection

  • Free Loaner Instruments

  • Damage Protection

  • Rent Applies to the Purchase

  • Educator Approved Instruments

  • Flexible Return an Exchange Options

  • Early Purchase Discounts

  • Easy- No Obligation Reservations

  • No Long-Term Commitments



Hear is what others are saying ...


"My daughter signed up for fifth year orchestra at her grade school but wanted to start lessons before the school year started. So we looked around for the best rental price. Naperville music had the lowest prices and an unimaginably low introductory price. We rented from Naperville music and got a really good violin – the music teacher even commented on how nice it was. We have been very happy with the quality of the instruments they have provided us and the kind, courteous, no hassle service." Constance L.- Geneva

    Dear Rich & the Wonderful Staff at Naperville Music, we rented to own our son's clarinet from your store and we have been extremely satisfied. Not only was the price right, but the service has been exceptional. We have three younger children that will also be going through the school, and music, program in Naperville and we will give all our business to Naperville music. Perhaps then we can put together a band with the kids and start the next Partridge Family.  Sincerely;  Ray M.


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