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French Horn

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French Horn



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Learn What You Want To Learn and What You Need To Learn
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Increased Confidence
Improved Skills

Self Expression
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Our Expert Teachers Make The Difference
1. The Focus Is On The Student
2. Dedicated and committed to showing students the joy and fun of taking lessons and of making music
3. Our teachers are both inspirational and effective
4. Talented and Experienced Musicians

Naperville Music delivers high caliber, private French Horn lessons with highly experienced instructors who love music and love to teach.

Brass instruments come in all sizes. The cornet and trumpet are relatively small and compact, while the baritone, trombone, French horn, and tuba are some of the biggest instruments in the band.  No matter which brass instrument you choose, get ready to use your lungs.

Are you interested in playing in an orchestra or a band? Need to prepare for an upcoming event?

Take your French Horn playing to the next level, or simply learn to play for the first time.  Learn proven techniques for improving your playing skills, and take advantage of our many performance opportunities.

Our instructors will help you achieve your goals. Learn proven techniques for improving your playing skills, and take advantage of our many performance opportunities. Each lesson is 1/2 hour long. You will receive one lesson each week, here in our modern studios.

Naperville Music is one of the Chicago areas largest private music lesson studios.  We serve Naperville, Wheaton, Aurora, Lisle, Plainfield and other surrounding towns. We are committed to music education, and  private music lessons were one of our first services we offered when we opened in 1974.  Our lesson studios and waiting areas are modern and safe, and located inside our facility. 


Our Teachers


We have learned that the teacher's ability to motivate a student is critical to the success of the student.  All of our teachers are dedicated and committed to showing students the joy and fun of taking lessons and of making music. Because of our large staff of teachers, our enrollment counselors are able to match your student's experience and ability with an appropriate instructor.

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