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You Can Give Your Child- Smiles, Acompishment, Self-Confidence, and New and Long Lasting Friendships

You Can Give Your Child
Smiles, Accomplishment, Self-Confidence, and New and Long Lasting Friendships

Now You Can Join with Thousands of Parents Who Have Found This Area's Cost-Effective Solution to Being in the School Music Program.

Ask your friends and neighbors about us... 

This is what you are likely to hear


"Our family has rented instruments from Naperville Music for several years and have been very pleased with the customer service. The employees at the store are very knowledgeable about the instruments, rental policies, and prices. In addition, they are very friendly and patient with the kids. The quality of the instruments we have received has been outstanding, and the prices are better than the competition. We highly recommend Naperville Music."  Diane M., Wheaton

"The prices brought me to them, and service has kept me here. My daughter ( District 203) is in her third year using instruments from Naperville Music. We have needed no real repairs done, except for a replacement of a small part that was done on the spot! I can always count on their help and consultation on everything--from necessary music to the handed-down family trumpet we own."  Karyn L., Lisle

When I went to sign my daughter up for band there were several music stores at the registration all promoting instrument rental. Our band director recommended going with a particular company. They were a little more expensive and I almost went with them since I usually feel that "you get what you pay for". However, I decided to go with Naperville Music because I had purchased a piano there and the people had treated us well. I felt we had no reason to go elsewhere. The clarinet has been just perfect, no problems at all.  Thanks! Susan and Eric in Naperville

"I have been very happy with your service. I then called you guys. There was no wait. The instruments were beautiful, including the previously rented ones (which you had readily available). I actually took a previously used trombone because it had nothing on it to indicate that it had been used. It was in pristine shape.  We did have a problem with the trombone (not something that was wrong when we picked it up), but you quickly (that day) corrected the problem and replaced the part. No waiting, no frustration. And, I even signed my son up for private band lessons with you, which was easy and immediate.  Overall, coming to Naperville Music has been a great experience. Julie G. Naperville

"I believe Naperville Music makes it very easy and affordable to rent an instrument. They helped me put together the best plan for our family. It is also very helpful that the rental payment is going toward the purchase of the instrument. The employees in the store are also very accommodating and knowledgeable."  Therese S., Plainfield

    "We started renting from Naperville Music two years ago, because the quality of their instruments is far superior to what we had been given from the other major music store in town. What's more, the price is more affordable.  Our daughter has also taken lessons there and we've found the staff to be extremely knowledgeable. To top it all off, we've purchased two guitars and two electronic pianos from Naperville Music. All in all, the service, quality and price is second to none. It just doesn't make sense to go anywhere else."  Kim B, Naperville, IL

    "Naperville Music made the rental of my daughter's clarinet easy. When I compared rental fees, I was surprised at how affordable renting can be, especially compared to other music rental companies in our area. The visit to the store was almost too easy and we have been very pleased ever since. The quality of the instrument and accessories is excellent, customer service is terrific and it's very affordable. I highly recommend Naperville Music for instrument rental."  Kathy H. Wheaton

    "My son Thomas has been enrolled in band for 2 years already. I still remember when I went to the Band Orientation (first time ever). My son was so excited to participate...and I was too, until I saw the prices of those instruments and experienced the pressure from the salespeople at the school.  So I started shopping around. I was exhausted, running around all day and hearing number figures. Then I run into you guys. I admit that I first thought "if it sounds too good to be true...". Your prices are unbelievable, the quality of your instruments superb, your service could not be better. I never felt pressured to buy.  And I loved the fact that you are actually buying the instrument.  Isabel and Thomas, Drauden Point Middle School, Plainfield, IL.

    "We moved to Naperville last fall and I called every music rental store in town to rent my son a trumpet. Naperville Music has the best rental deal!  My son dropped his trumpet and broke off a small piece, so we took it back to Naperville Music and they gave us a loaner until his was fixed. No questions asked, they just fixed it.

The staff have always been so friendly and helpful. And even though it is a little further away for me (since I live in south Naperville) I have chosen to make Naperville Music our music rental and repair shop.  Thank you guys for your wonderful friendly service!"  Caroline C. Naperville, Illinois

    "We moved to Naperville over 2 years ago from out of state and started searching for instrument rental for two of our children. Both were enrolled in string orchestra at elementary school, one as a violinist and the second as a cellist.  We visited several instrument rental stores and ended up choosing Naperville Music.  The cost was the most reasonable in town and the sales staff were incredibly helpful.  There have been a couple of accidents resulting in damage and Naperville Music replaced our instruments immediately, no questions asked. In addition to renting instruments, we have moved on to private lessons at Naperville Music. We continue to get what we consider the best quality for a reasonable price."  Sincerely,  Diane and Tony P., Aurora

    "My daughter signed up for fifth year orchestra at her grade school but wanted to start lessons before the school year started. So we looked around for the best rental price. Naperville music had the lowest prices and an unimaginably low introductory price. Since my daughter doesn’t always stick with new programs we felt that the extremely low introductory rental price was our best bet. Therefore we rented from Naperville music and got a really good violin – the music teacher even commented on how nice it was.  We have been very happy with the quality of the instruments they have provided us and the kind, courteous, no hassle service."   Constance L. Geneva

    "We rent a clarinet from Naperville Music and our daughter takes clarinet lessons at Naperville Music once a week.  We've been very happy with the prompt service we have received when the clarinet needed repair and with the replacement clarinet we received during the short time it was being repaired. We've also been very happy with the lessons, with the teacher being dedicated, patient and reliable. All of the prices there are really very reasonable and the staff pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable."  Many thanks, F.

    "My son wanted to play the violin in Kindergarten when he saw another child about his age playing the violin. So, we came to Naperville Music because the people at one of the other music stores in town were just too "crabby" and "cold" for me.   To my delight I found out that the prices at Naperville Music were very reasonable to rent a violin and the people were extremely friendly and helpful (and they continue to be!). We also found a teacher at Naperville Music that was perfect for my son. So, my son started taking violin lessons once per week and kept it up for 3 years.  Thanks!"   Sue B.

    At Naperville Music, inexpensive does not mean poor quality, it means great value.  Naperville Music provides quality instruments at very reasonable prices. Not only are the rental prices very affordable, the service is top-notch. I have always received prompt and courteous service by a knowledgeable staff member. In addition to my satisfaction with the rental program, I also appreciate being able to purchase all accessories needed for my daughter, including the required books.   Laurie M. Naperville

    Even though our school district presented only one option, I "hunted around" to see if I could possibly find a comparable instrument at a more reasonable price. I found just that at Naperville Music. The instrument they rented us was the same brand as the other company would have provided and it was brand new! They have always been nothing but helpful and courteous. With three other children, we have now rented a drum, a cello and a clarinet from Naperville Music. Several of my friends have rented from them at my recommendation and have also been very pleased. Sometimes it pays to step out on your own and not just "go along with the rest".  Nancy U.  Wheaton  

    I am a single mother of two. One about to start college and the other in 6th grade. My son who is in the 6th grade has ADHD and music has done wonders for him in school and out of school. However, if it were not for your affordable prices I could not continue to let him have music be apart of his everyday life. (He) has done wonders in school because of music. It gets applied in math and allows him to be with a variety of students with different personalities. He has a confidence about him that he never had before. Children with ADHD need different outlets and (he) has found his, thanks to you.  Please keep your prices affordable.  Thank You.   Ms. R.

    My name is Margot R. and I have 3 children of which all have been involved in orchestra. I was not introduced to Naperville Music until my 3rd child became involved in orchestra he plays the viola. If I had known about Naperville Music I would have saved hundreds of dollars. The instruments Naperville Music provide are top quality instruments and the brands are well known and recommended by our music teachers. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and are well aware of the materials and requirements needed for each school district (District 204) which makes renting and purchasing effortless.   I only wish I had known about them when my other two children were in orchestra I would have saved a bundle. Regards,  Margot R.  Viola Renter - District 204 - Gregory Middle school, Naperville

    I would recommend Naperville Music to any band student in the Plainfield schools. My daughter and I have been extremely satisfied with Naperville Music.  She started flute last year, and so far, her instrument seems to be very good quality and we have had no problems with it. The billing is simple and straight forward, no gimmicks, and easy to understand. The savings make it worth the trip to Naperville! The people are friendly and I never have to wait. Emails are answered promptly, and I don't feel like "a number".  I am happy with Naperville Music, and being a bargain shopper, I don't understand why anyone would go to a more expensive shop. K R.

    We have rented violins from Naperville music for 7 years . We have 2 children who grew up with music lessons on violins rented from this store. The instruments are of fantastic quality and the service we receive on the instrument ,if any ,is fantastic. The store has good service and experienced staff who provide excellent customer service. I have not found any other music store in this area that can beat the products and services they have to offer for the price they offer on their rental equipment. Naperville MUSIC is committed to service and quality, and has made music lessons accessible to people across the spectrum without putting roadblocks of high rental fees. One of the violins we rent is used by my children to play at the CHICAGO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA .QUALITY SERVICE AND AFFORDABLE PRICE ARE THE HALLMARK OF NAPERVILLE MUSIC.  Mrs. S., Yorkville

    My family has been a customer of Naperville Music for over 6 years. We went to Naperville music on the recommendation of a neighbor. My husband and I never have played a musical instrument, so we have come to rely on the expertise at Naperville music to help us with choices for our children. When it was time to purchase a better trumpet for our son, we relied upon the staff at Naperville Music. When his trumpet was in for repairs, they have always provided a loaner. Last year we began renting a cello for our daughter, who has really enjoyed her lessons at Naperville music.  Mary W., Wheaton

    I can sincerely say that I have been impressed with Naperville Music. When my son said he wanted to start an instrument and I looked at the cost through the school vendor, I was shocked! I started looking around the area for an affordable alternative and found Naperville Music. Naperville music has a competitive and excellent service program for the rental/ownership of instruments. I have been pleased with the quality of their instruments and their service of them. Thank you again Naperville Music for providing families with an affordable option to the schools vendor.  Sincerely,  Muriel D. Plainfield

    I wanted to send you a note to thank you for the quality instruments (flute and oboe) that Naperville Music has provided to both of my children. The price was lower than any other place even though the quality of the instrument was the same. Your staff have always been friendly and very helpful whenever I have had a question or needed additional materials/books. I wish your company continued success. Cheri F.

    I can truly say I was pleased with the prices that were given to us by Naperville Music. And when we did have a problem with an instrument, it was either replaced or corrected with good customer service. My daughter played the oboe and was very happy with her instrument from Naperville Music. I would highly recommend renting an instrument from Naperville Music.  Sincerely,  Pat T., Downers Grove

    Dear Rich & the Wonderful Staff at Naperville Music, we rented to own our son's clarinet from your store and we have been extremely satisfied. Not only was the price right, but the service has been exceptional. We have three younger children that will also be going through the school, and music, program in Naperville and we will give all our business to Naperville music. Perhaps then we can put together a band with the kids and start the next Partridge Family.  Sincerely;  Ray M.

    I am pleased with renting my son's baritone from Naperville Music. The reason we chose your store over the one brought in by our school district was strictly price. My son's instrument is the baritone, which was the most expensive item to rent.  I had heard your prices are better, and they sure are. It was worth the trip to Naperville to pay what I was expecting to pay. The people who work in your store are nice. In addition, when my son wanted the larger size baritone, you held onto one for us until we were ready to pick it up. I really appreciated that -- that you held onto it and did not rent it to someone else -- even though it took us a while to get there. Thank you!  Patti from Geneva

    We chose Naperville Music because their monthly rental fees were less and they do not require a signed contract for a specified amount of time you must rent the instrument.  We are very pleased with the quality of the instrument as well as their customer service. I would highly recommend Naperville Music. If your school suggests you use another company, shop and compare and you will find that Naperville Music is simply a better deal.  Terri M. Plainfield 

    Would love to testify on behalf of Naperville Music. Have even sent my friends there. I love the fact that we can own the instrument after two years and our rent applies to it. Also love to interact with the courteous staff who go out of their way to assist customers.  Thanks,  Manju R., Oswego

    I considered all the music shops in the area when I needed to rent a violin for my daughter. I chose Naperville Music for the price – it was the lowest and seemed almost too good to be true. I figured if the instrument wasn’t up to the standard of the orchestra teacher, I could always return it and rent from somewhere else.  I have stayed with Naperville Music not only because of the price, but because of the quality of violins (we’ve had three as she’s grown and the orchestra teacher has been happy with them all) and the quality of service.  Every time I have brought in any instrument for service (I had a friend’s violin restrung and a clarinet looked over), I have been pleased.  The staff is courteous, friendly and knowledgeable and the service has been fast – most minor things where while I waited or I was given a new instrument on the spot.  I have recommended many people to Naperville Music and have yet to hear of anyone having a negative experience or getting a low-quality instrument. I will be renting my son’s saxophone from them next year.  Andrea

Why not join with thousands of families who selected Naperville Music as their source for musical instruments and instruction.


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