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You Can Give Your Child- Smiles, Acompishment, Self-Confidence, and New and Long Lasting Friendships

You Can Give Your Child
Smiles, Accomplishment, Self-Confidence, and New and Long Lasting Friendships

Now You Can Join with Thousands of Parents Who Have Found This Area's Cost-Effective Solution to Being in the School Music Program.

Sample Band Instrument Agreement


Terms and Conditions 


I have paid a non-refundable initial rental fee of and a non-refundable initial maintenance fee for the first 3 months (90 days) rental of the instrument shown. This is a promotional rental fee and promotional rental term.

Thereafter, I will pay the standard rental fee for each 3 month period (90 days). I understand that the rental fee within a rental period is not refundable and will not be prorated if the instrument is returned within a rental period. The standard rental period is 90 days. Your first regularly scheduled payment will begin 90 days from the date of your initial rental.  It is agreed that 1) I may return the instrument at any time prior to expiration of any rental period without further obligation; 2) full title and ownership of the merchandise will remain with NAPERVILLE MUSIC until full payment has been made; 3) I will pay all fees necessary for any legal restitution of the merchandise or collection of monies due.



The rental fee stated includes a damage, repair and theft waiver fee on the instrument. Repairs and adjustments to the instrument, made necessary by normal use or accidental damage will be made at no charge to the customer. This contract may be terminated by Naperville Music if, in it’s opinion, the instrument is being abused or used in a negligent manner. Should the instrument be stolen, you must make a report to the local police. Upon receipt of the police report, Naperville Music may, at its option, terminate the rental with no further money due, or replace the instrument, allowing the contract to remain in effect. Abandonment and negligent safe keeping is not covered. Loss of the instrument under these conditions is the responsibility of the renter.


Purchase Options

This is a rental agreement with purchase options.  There is no obligation to purchase an instrument, however we will apply 100% of the rent, less $3 per month loss and damage waiver fee to the purchase of the band instrument  listed on the contract at the price specified.  We will discount your instrument 30% of the unpaid balance if you wish to purchase and prepay the instrument you are renting.  If a new like-kind Step-Up instrument is desired at the time of purchase, the applicable portion of the rent will apply of the current retail price of the desired Step-Up instrument.  The purchase conversion must be continuous with rental payment, and  as long as your account is active and current.  No open credits towards future purchases are allowed.

Automatic Payments

I hereby authorize Naperville Music, or it’s processing agent, to automatically process my scheduled periodic payments with regard to this account by charging my credit card for such payment. Payments will be processed on, or slightly after the scheduled payment due date. Payments will be processed every 3 months. You are not required to participate in our auto-pay program.                    

Default and Delinquent Payments


For the purpose of billing and security of the instrument, the renter must have and maintain a valid credit card for your account as a condition of this rental. The renter agrees to provide Naperville Music with a valid credit card at the time of rental, and upon request provide another valid card if the original card is cancelled or terminated for any reason.  If you have opted out of the auto-pay program and pay by coupons, you authorize Naperville Music to charge your credit card for any payment which is over 30 days past due.


If for any reason the credit card issuer rejects a scheduled rental payment, Naperville Music will notify the renter of the rejected transaction. Upon notification, the renter agrees to provide Naperville Music with a valid credit card to which the current and future payments may be charged. If after 30 days of a scheduled payment, Naperville Music is unable to process a valid credit card transaction with regard to this account, or the payment remains unpaid for any reason, this rental contract shall be in default. Upon notification of the default, the renter agrees to promptly return the instrument, and pay all past due balances. Upon return of the instrument and payment of all unpaid rent, this contract shall be terminated, and the customer shall have no further obligation.


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