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You Can Give Your Child- Smiles, Acompishment, Self-Confidence, and New and Long Lasting Friendships

You Can Give Your Child
Smiles, Accomplishment, Self-Confidence, and New and Long Lasting Friendships

Now You Can Join with Thousands of Parent who have found this area's Cost-Effective Solution to being in the School Music Program.

It Can All Start With Our $5 Dollar Rental
(most popular instruments)  

$5 Per Month Intro

Every Rental Includes

  • Maintenance and Repair Protection

  • Free Loaner Instruments

  • Damage Protection

  • Rent Applies to the Purchase

  • Educator Approved Instruments

  • Flexible Return an Exchange Options

  • Early Purchase Discounts

  • Easy- No Obligation Reservations

  • No Long-Term Commitments

Here's What We rent- pick something fun!

Click on your choice to learn more


$5 Per Month Intro


$20 Per Month Intro


$25 Per Month Intro


$5 Per Month Intro


$5 Per Month Intro


$20 Per Month Intro


$5 Per Month Intro


$5 Per Month Intro


$25 Per Month Intro


$5 Per Month Intro


$25 Per Month Intro


$5 Per Month Intro


$15 Per Month Intro

Resist the pressure to rent on registration night

Often a false sense of urgency is created at the registration.

Why not shop for your rental the same way you shop for other things?


You have time.  Take a breath, gather all the information, get copies of everything, go home, relax, and check around. Talk to your friends, search the internet, call around, visit the stores you may do business with (some don't have a store- just a shipping warehouse). Then, from the comfort of your home, you can decide what the best rental program is for your family.  

”I still remember when I went to the Band Orientation (first time ever). My son was so excited to participate...and I was too, until I saw the prices of those instruments and experienced the pressure from the salespeople at the I started shopping around. Then I ran into you guys. I admit that I first thought "if it sounds too good to be true...". Your prices are unbelievable, the quality of your instruments superb, your service could not be better. Sincerely, from a very grateful mom and son.” 

Isabel and Thomas, Drauden Point Middle School, Plainfield, 


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$5 Per Month Intro

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