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Music Can Change Lives

Our Teachers Make Learning Fun

We have learned that the teacher's ability to motivate a student is critical to the success of the student.


All of our teachers are dedicated and committed to showing students the joy and fun of taking lessons and of making music. Because of our large staff of teachers, our enrollment counselors are able to match your student's experience and ability with an appropriate instructor.


In addition to their education and experience, every member of our teaching staff has also completed our own proprietary training program which ensures that all of our instructors are able to meet the needs and expectations of the students and parents who have selected us as their source for private music instruction.

Our teachers must be both inspirational and effective as they teach music to our students. We want the students to have fun, but they must also learn. Each member of our teaching staff is dedicated to meeting these goals. In addition to our teaching staff, our administrative staff is always ready to help students and parents at any time. 

Dennis Anderson


Piano (In-person and online)

Dennis has performed and taught piano for over 35 years.  He studied classical piano with Alice Angermann at the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago, as well as jazz piano with Skip Green.  Dennis has played extended engagements at the Hotel Intercontinental in Dubai, U.A.E., the Pump Room in the Ambassador East hotel and the Palm Court in the Drake Hotel in Chicago

He has served as an accompanist for jazz artists such as Kurt Elling, Milt Trenier, Kimberly Gordon, Jackie Allen, Bill Acosta, Nan Mason and many others in various jazz clubs

in Chicago and the suburbs.  Currently, Dennis is performing regularly at Sullivans' Steakhouse in Naperville, Chicago and Lincolnshire.  As a teacher, Dennis' objective is to keep the learning experience fun, as he feels that music is to be enjoyed.  He has found that once the student is engaged and learning with a positive motivation, then learning technique, practicing, etc. become much more interesting to the student.  Dennis is a dynamic, energetic teacher with a passion for sharing his love of music with his students.

Drew O"Neill

Drew O'Neill.jpg

Brass Instruments, Violin and Viola (In-person and online)

Drew has been playing Trumpet  for over 13  years and viola for over a decade, and has been teaching professionally for over 4 years.


Drew is a college graduate and served as the co-director of the Aurora Community band for 2 years.  He was also the Assistant Marching Bank coach during his time teaching Batavia High School.

Drew's goal for all of his students is to become more engaged with what they are learning by understanding how music works. He sneaks in a little music theory in each lesson, while making progress on what the student is working on. It is important to make them believe that the work they put in on practice is important. Every musician should take pride in what they accomplish, big or small, and Drew will be right there with the student to celebrate each milestone.

He enjoys when students come to lessons with a positive attitude over everything. Everyone can learn, but not everyone learns in the same ways. He works together with the student to the best mix. In that way students can accomplish amazing things.

Corbin Anderson


Woodwinds (Online Only)

Corbin has been playing saxophone, flute, and clarinet for the last 14 years. He has been teaching these instruments for the better part of 5 years. Corbin holds degrees from Indiana University and the University of Miami. He also enjoys dabbling in piano as well.

Corbin believes that each of his students should end up with the ability to help further themselves along with their own musical journey.  He demonstrates to them the ability to establish efficient practice habits, ear training, and to develop musicianship. Lessons with Corbin are exciting and friendly. Students and parents can expect excellent communication from the teacher, and very adaptable lessons to fit the student’s needs. You can expect to learn the fundamentals first, and with a basic understanding, branch out to popular music.  In his time outside of the store, Corbin enjoys water skiing and snowboarding

Sam Filicicchia


Guitar-Bass (In-person and online)

Sam has been playing guitar and bass for over 8 years. A recent Naperville North High School graduate, he is attending COD and actively gigging at various venues in the area.  H can also be found performing at open mics and battle of the band competitions.  Outside of school and work, he enjoys writing, philosophy, and fitness. Sam can teach a variety of musical genres, but especially enjoys teaching alternative, rock, and metal. Sam wants to help each student cultivate their own unique style

Sarah Bergrud


Piano (In-person and online)

Sarah has been playing the piano and flute for over eight years.  While Sarah’s main goal is to ignite a passion for music in all of her students you, can expect a gentle teaching style for all beginners as you ease into your instrument.  Sarah enjoys teaching all musical genres and styles and also plays a little guitar in addition to the piano and flute.  Outside of music, she enjoys reading, dance, archery, and modeling

Ryan Bigeck


Brass And Woodwind (In-person and online)

Ryan has been teaching woodwind instruments for five years.  He has a degree in Comprehensive Music Education and his K-12 Music Certification from Chicago College of Performing Arts of Roosevelt University.  He is currently employed as the director of beginning band and orchestra, intermediate band, and advanced band levels at George Washington Middle School in Lyons, Illinois. 

Most of his interests involve music, but outside of music, he enjoys football, pop culture, and martial arts.  He was a member of Del Souls and In Full Swing big band, has performed as a freelance musician, and has been a clinician for a number of festivals and Solo and Ensemble competitions.  Ryan specializes in teaching classical, blues, funk, soul, and be-bop music.  He focuses on lessons on fundamentals and proper technique but believes that ear training is important as well.  He aims to make students better, more sensitive musicians

Angeline Goh


Piano (In-person and online)

Angeline  has been playing the piano for over 30 years and teaching the instrument for over 25.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in Music from Southern Illinois University.  Angeline wants her students to learn to express themselves through music and find and play songs that interest them.  She can be an expert guide for the serious student and a fun, encouraging piano coach for the person who wants to try out a new hobby.  Angeline enjoys playing and teaching all genres from classical to pop and, outside of music, loves to travel.

Allison Buethner


Piano (Online only)

Allison began playing piano in the 2nd grade.  Now, after over fifteen years of lessons and with a bachelor’s degree in Music Education, Allison enjoys passing on her love of music to her students.  She believes that everyone can learn to play an instrument and can have fun doing it.  Her goals for her students are to get them to appreciate music and learn to perform the music they are most interested in.  Outside of piano lessons, Allison also participates in the Naperville municipal band on trumpet and knitting.  Her favorite styles to teach are classical, Broadway, and pop

Tori Camera


Piano (Online only)

Tori has been playing piano for 15 years. Currently, she is a Music Major at North Central College, where she is minoring in Psychology. Tori performs in various ensembles at North Central College, including but not limited to various concerto groups. Tori enjoys playing piano and saxophone, shopping in Downtown Chicago, in addition to boating and tubing. Tori likes to keep lessons fun and specializes in adapting lesson structures to her student’s interests. Tori excels in classical music from the romantic period, as well as playing duets with her students at our recitals.

Paul Guziewski


Guitar-Violin-Viola-Ukulele (Online only)

Paul has been playing the violin, viola, and guitar for over 15 years. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Music from Loyola University in Chicago. Paul wants to share his fascination with music and the sense of fun and adventure it brings to all his students. He has played in small bands in college and also with the York Orchestra, the Loyola Orchestra, and the Loyola Choir. He specializes in rock and alternative styles of guitar as well as classical.  Outside of teaching, he is an aspiring music therapist and also enjoys playing video games and taking care of his dogs

Andrew Seimer


Guitar-Ukulele (In-person and online)

Andrew has been playing the guitar for over seven years and is eager to help other aspiring players reach their musical goals.  He is quick to discover what fundamentals or techniques a student must polish up or work on to improve their guitar playing.  Andrew is a gigging member of two local bands and enjoys writing and recording original material as well as rocking out to cover tunes.  His areas of musical interest are wide as he appreciates the opportunity to play and teach genres as far ranging as rock, metal, and jazz.  Andrew looks forward to helping you grow as a guitar player and have a fun time in doing so

Gage Smith


Drums -Percussion (In-person and online)

Gage has been playing drums and other hand percussion for over 10 years and is currently majoring in Music Education.  He specializes in teaching jazz, funk, blues, and rock.  Gage has performed in countless jazz and concert band competitions as well as participating in several marching band parades and functions.  His number one rule is to make music fun for his students while keeping them on pace to increase their skill level on the drums.  Outside of music, Gage also enjoys camping and spending time with family and friends

Liz Turner


Vocal (Online only)

Liz Turner has been singing her whole life and studying voice professionally for the last five years. She attended Illinois Wesleyan University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance. While there she performed in operas in the chorus, as well as supporting and leading voice. Liz enjoys signing and teaching opera, musical theater, and pop music. Outside of class, Liz likes to perform in front of audiences, and at home likes to cook for herself. 

Emi Vo


Piano-Violin (In-person and online)

Emi Vo has been playing the violin and piano for the past 12 years and has experience performing in her school’s Chamber Ensemble and Tri-M Music Honors Society. Emi feels that the student should enjoy music and to be able to learn and play what interests them. She is able to adapt and fit any student’s needs. Emi takes great pride in teaching her students and believes that they will benefit from her diverse talents with both piano and orchestral instruments

Heather Winters

heather winters.png

Woodwinds (in-person)

Heather Winters has been playing woodwind instruments for over 30 years, and has been teaching for the last 22. She received her Bachelor of Music Education from Tennessee Technological University, and her Master of Music Performance from Illinois State University. Heather has performed with the Joliet Symphony Orchestra, a woodwind quintet and a trio, and has played in pit orchestras for musical productions in Naperville and the surrounding area. She specialized in Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern styles of music, as well as Broadway and pop. Outside of music, Heather enjoys running, swimming, cycling, hiking, and crocheting.

Chris Vosburgh

New Lesson LOGO NO Kids.jpg

Brass (Online only)

Chris Vosburgh has been playing brass instruments for more than a decade. Chris is currently a junior at North Central College, where he is studying Music Education. He is currently the trombonist for the local group Sammy and the Knights. Chris excels in jazz and classical styles of playing. Outside of playing, Chris has hobbies related to college football, videogames, and music theory.

Matt Bon Durant

New Lesson LOGO NO Kids.jpg

Guitar-Drums (In-person and online)

Matt Bon Durant has been teaching guitar for over 12 years and the drums and piano for more than 4 years. Matt enjoys playing with his local band and he is determined to make your musical goals achievable. Matt specializes in rock music on both guitar and drums. He has more of a focus on beginner piano students.

Paul Pratapas

Paul Pratapas.jpg

Guitar-Bass-Ukulele (In-person and online)

Paul has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Illinois State University and a Master’s in Environmental Management from Illinois Institute of Technology.  He was an Eagle Scout and enjoys nature and wildlife. He collects art and likes cooking.  He likes rock, classic rock, metal, oldies, folk, and is a singer/songwriter.

Paul has been playing Acoustic and Electric Guitar for over 25 years. I also plays Uke and Banjo as a secondary instruments.  Paul has experience as life skill coach, and has worked with Western DuPage Special Recreational  Actives groups.

Paul's goal for all of his students is for them to have fun while achieving their musical goals in a supportive environment and to provide his students with the skills and knowledge to create and share the same joy of playing music he has enjoyed over the last 25 years.

Paul brings a diverse musical background and unique perspective on learning to his teaching methods.  It’s one we think you will enjoy.

Ed Schultz

Ed Schulz.jpg

Guitar- Drums and Percussion (In-person)

Ed has been playing Guitar for over 20 years, and also plays drums.

His goal for all his students is to be enthusiastic, organized, open minded, and hard working as they pursue learning their instrument.


Ed teaches his students to have good rhythm and timing,  how to use the note counting technique, as well a broad range of musical theory and performance techniques to improve the students playing and enjoyment.

Ed spends some time getting to know new students, and in discovering the musical goals of the students, and then preparing a lesson plan to accomplish those goals.


Ben Lerner

Ben Lerner.jpg

Guitar- Bass Guitar (In-person and online))

 Ben has been playing guitar for over 20 years. Bem also plays bass guitar. He is experienced in private as well as group lessons, and has taught professional in studios, schools, park districts and churches.


His goal for his students is to help them reach their musical goals, whatever they may be. And have fun in the process.


As a teacher, he adapts to his student’s needs, no matter what style of music they like, how experienced or inexperienced they may be. Students can look forward to having fun and learning a lot in a relaxed, no pressure environment. 


Ben says “Playing your instrument at home is crucial to your success as a musician You should want to play and therefor it shouldn’t feel like homework.  It’s just enjoying the process of getting better”.

Dakota Rolf

Dakota Rolfe.jpg

Guitar- Bass Guitar (In-person and online))

Dakota is a graduate of Milliken University with a bachelors degree in commercial music.  While at Milliken he was a performance instructor for their Rock University as well as instruction leader for ensemble performance.  Dakota has been playing guitar for over 17 years, along with several years of experience playing bass guitar and ukulele.

Dakota’s goal for all his students when learning one of these fantastic instruments is to develop a literacy and passion for music, all while having fun doing so.  As a teacher, he always wants to create a safe, nurturing space for my students to develop their skills and become the musician they want to be. 

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