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“Come on play us a song” Grandma demands. The family gets quiet as you lift the piano cover. You take a breath and in an instant-music fills the room. Toes start-a-tappin’, two-year old cousins start-a-dancing and everybody sings along. Bring a little extra joy to your family gatherings. Be the life of the party. Play the piano. We’ll show you how.


At Naperville Music, careful attention is placed on the objectives of each piano student to ensure that an appropriate lesson plan is in place while they take piano lessons. 

Our teachers understand that every student has different needs and abilities and therefore the piano lessons will be planned with that knowledge in mind. Each student will have the opportunity to perform in one of our recitals when they feel ready, no matter what level the student. All aspects of music will be taught during the piano lessons, including reading, rhythm, ear development, and piano repertoire so that the student becomes a complete musician, but the focus is always on making music fun and enjoyable.


Wherever the student's musical interests lie, Naperville Music's has a piano instructor to help the student realize his or her greatest musical ambitions!

Piano Lesson

Is the Piano the "Ultimate Instrument"


The piano is still one of the most popular instruments today. Technically a percussive instrument, the piano is incredibly melodic and beautiful in sound. An all-encompassing instrument that has been a major part of every musical movement since its invention in 1780, new and veteran players alike benefit by being able to accompany themselves in the style of their choosing. Piano lessons will give you the sense of conducting your own orchestra. All of the major classical composers were also great pianists and before they became great pianists, they took piano lessons! The piano has one of the most diverse repertoires of all instruments. 

Learning to play piano will improve a student's coordination skills and taking piano lessons is the first step for many student musicians. Unlike many other instruments, the piano requires both hands to independently maneuver around the keys. This will give independence to each hand. For a new player to witness this during the course of their piano lessons, it is often an awe-inspiring feeling for the student! Because you are learning how to play chords and multiple notes all at once, the piano can provide a very full and satisfying sound that is pleasing all by itself. Piano lessons can truly give the student the opportunity to have this experience!  

Recital Opportunities


Students taking piano lessons will have the chance to share their new found skills and material with family and friends at one of our various recital locations. Performing for a live audience enhances the piano student's excitement and joy of playing. Performers include a wide range of piano students from beginners to advanced. 

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Each lesson is 1/2 hour long. You will receive one lesson each week, here in our modern studios. We would invite you to discuss enrolling in piano lessons with us today. The sooner you enroll, the sooner you can start enjoying the fun that piano lessons can bring. Give us a call or visit our studio. We would be happy to provide any further information on piano or any of our other lessons. 

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