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Welcome to the "Teaching Matters" training.  This course will provide new and seasoned music teachers with valuable insights, perspectives and tips to make your teaching style even more productive.

Please download the workbook, and use it to answer some easy questions at the end of each lesson.

when you have completed all lessons and the corresponding workbook entries, please return them to your supervisor here at Naperville Music.

Completing this course is a requirement to teach here at Naperville Music.  You can complete the course when you have a lesson cancellation, or on your own time.

Enjoy the course.


Time 4:56

Time 6:59

Time 9:12

Time 7:50

Time 5:24

Time 4:38

Time 9:33

Time 8:09

Time 9:54

Time 10:30

Time 7:18

Time 9:38

Time 18:00

Time 6:41

Time 11:32

Time 2:38

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