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You Can Give Your Child- Smiles, Acompishment, Self-Confidence, and New and Long Lasting Friendships

You Can Give Your Child
Smiles, Accomplishment, Self-Confidence, and New and Long Lasting Friendships

Now You Can Join with Thousands of Parents Who Have Found This Area's Cost-Effective Solution to Being in the School Music Program.

Who benefits from a low introductory price, and a low monthly price that is not available from your School's Music Vendor ?


When questioned about why their introductory rates are so high, many vendors will not be able to explain their answer. To the contrary, every parent  and every starting student benefits from our low introductory rates because it saves you real money-right from the beginning.

But who else benefits from our low introductory rates? The kids who think they might want to try to play any instrument.

Let's face it, parents would never deny their child the opportunity to play a musical instrument if it was in their budget. A low and affordable introductory rate means that kids can learn to play when otherwise they might not have the opportunity.

So let's say you child wants to try out one of the common instrument choices.  What would you rather pay for your child to try out  that instrument for a few months? 

$15, $30,  $72, or $110 ?

​You could actually get those answers depending on who is sitting in the school.  If you rent with us, the answer is $15.  If you rent from anyone else, the answer will always be higher.  Now, a school vendor might also tell you that you better watch out if you select a "value priced" provider over the high-cost school vendor.  But selecting a respected and established dealer like Naperville Music does not carry much risk.  We have been renting instruments for over 45 years into school districts including yours! And your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

We offer a low introductory rate so your child can try to play an instrument without it costing you a fortune.  And if you compare our regular rates to the regular rates of other vendors, you'll find that you will continue to save money - every month for the same quality instruments for as long as your child plays an instrument. 

And what would your rather pay after the introductory period, $33 per month or as much as $45 to $80 or even more per month for the same instrument?

What is the maintenance fee and why would you want a lower maintenance fee?

The maintenance fee or insurance fee is what every dealer uses to keep the instruments in good repair, provide loaners, and provide replacements if an instrument is accidentally damaged.  Maintenance and insurance fees do not accrue as a credit to your purchase.  It's simple. The lower the maintenance fee, the more of your payment is being credited to your account each and every month.

Since every dealer has a maintenance fee. The question to ask is: "Is it included in the monthly rates beginning quoted?"  (our fee is included) Unfortunately for parents, most school vendors simply tack on another $5-6 per month when your not looking, or by using the inconspicuous * when quoting their rental rate or pushing over your contract to sign.


Our maintenance.fee is $3 per month- lower than every other dealer who services your school - and it is included in every price we quote. What does this mean to you?  More of your payment is applying to the purchase than with other companies. Low maintenance fees is another way that we actually save you money. Would you rather pay $3 fee per month or as much as a $6 fee per month?

Why do some vendor maintenance fees vary by instrument?  Remember the higher the fee, the less of your money that goes to the purchase. Fees that differ by instrument make no logical sense to us because we spread these expenses over all rented instruments. The more instruments we rent, the less it costs us per unit. For example, it costs the same to fix a bent clarinet key as it does to fix a bent alto saxophone key. Our maintenance fee is the same regardless of instrument.

A lower introductory rate along with a lower monthly rate will always save you money.


We Want More Children to Play Music


We believe that as many children as possible should have the opportunity to play an instrument. We also know that in many cases the high cost of renting an instrument stands in the way of that happening. We think that the more affordable it is to rent, the more children who will have an opportunity to participate in music


How Much Will Your Check To the Schools's "Preferred Vendor" Really Be When The Dust Settles?- You might be surprised!

Because school  based music vendors are under pressure from competing high quality-value priced local music providers like ourselves, many school vendors will attempt to "appear" as more competitive.  As a parent you should be aware that a common tactic used by some vendors is to "unbundle" service and fees from the rental rate, and then simply charge for them separately.

Let's look at an example.

A hypothetical introductory rental rate is $72 for 4 months. That rate includes a maintenance or administrative fee of $5 per month (this fee by the way does not apply to your purchase). So it's pretty easy and straightforward- write a check for $72 for 4 months maintenance fee included.

Now let's put on our marketing hat and see how creative we can get. The following examples are the same offer as the one shown above, except that we are going to un-bundle the maintenance and administrative fee and call it "optional".  In reality it is not optional, as you might discover if you actually try to get a rental from a school vendor without accepting the 'optional insurance':

They advertise $56 for 4 months * (you then add a fee of $4 per month) = $72 total

They advertise $52 for 4 months * ( you then add a fee of $5 per month) = $72 total

They advertise $48 for 4 months * ( you must add a fee of $6 per month) = $72 total

Don't be pressured into signing a contact at the school.  We advertise our low rental prices and all the fees are always included in that price.

Did you know that some vendors actually charge you a fee to accept your rental payments?


Yes, some will add an extra charge if you auto-pay your rental, and some vendors might charge you extra if you don't.   At Naperville Music you receive all offers and discounts regardless of whether you make your regular rental payments by check, cash, money order, or auto-pay. You pick the payment method that best fits your needs, and we never charge you a service charge to accept your payment.

Something Else You Might Find Interesting

Did you know that some School Rental Vendors actually charge different amounts for the same instruments in different districts?  Let me say that another way. If you are in district A you might pay $43 per month, but if you rent the exact same instrument from the same vendor in district B, you might be charged $58  per month.  Naperville Music has a one price policy and all customers renting during any given time period will always pay the same rate for the same instrument. We don't consider zip codes or school districts in determining our pricing policies.

It's not a 'trick" - it's our business model

On a final note, some competitors might lead you to believe that there is some sort of trick with the low rental rates that we charge at Naperville Music. Here's the reality of the situation. Look at our website and see what we do. Now look at the competitors websites and see what they do. We are a full line music dealer. We rent, we sell, we teach, and we service. We deal in guitars, amps, band and orchestra instruments, sheet music, and pianos.  We create life long musicians, customers and friends, they rent you an instrument.


We've been doing it for over 45 years. That's the secret. We spread our overhead over lots of transactions- not just the band and orchestra rentals that happen once each year.  We include all fees in the rates quoted. We don't charge you extra depending upon which payment method works best for your family. We don't charge different amounts depending upon which school district you attend.

Here at Naperville Music, we would like to have your rental business, and we will do everything possible to be certain that you are a satisfied customer. We start with a low introductory rate so more students can give music a try, we follow that with a low monthly rate that is parent friendly, and we finish with fast repairs and loaner instruments when needed.  And we do it with a team of associates who are personally responsible for your continued satisfaction.

We hope that this helps clear up some questions that are raised about the value and importance of low rental rates to families.  So as you go to music registration, just remember you do not have to pay the high prices that other vendors are asking.

Our Instruments are Band and Orchestra Director Approved Nationally and Locally, and Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed With All of Our Rental Instruments

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