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Are You Waiting for Fall Classes?
Not ready for Summer Music 

You can still save on fall rentals if you act NOW !

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Waiting For Fall Classes ?

Not Ready For Summer Music?

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For those who want to wait until school resumes in the fall, we have a special offer.

You can take advantage of our famous $5 summer rental offer this fall.

Just make a no-obligation, and no money reservation for the instrument your child will need.  Most children have been provided with their instrument selection.  If not we can help.

We will reserve your instrument for pickup in the fall and you will have the absolutely lowest introductory price we have ever offered in the fall, and it will be as much as 80% less than other music dealers.

Naperville Music has always been the best value in instrument rentals and now we made it even better- guaranteed.

Pay No Money Now - No Credit Card Required.

You change your mind in the fall and you will have paid nothing and we will release your reserved instrument to someone else.

Act Now- you have nothing to lose and a lot to SAVE !
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