Clarinet Lessons

Stimulate Your Brain

“Come on play us a song” Grandma demands. The family gets quiet as you take out your instruments and get ready. You take a breath and in an instant-music fills the room.  Bring a little extra joy to your family gatherings. Be the life of the party. Play the Clarinet. We’ll show you how.The philosophy for taking clarinet lessons at Naperville Music is simple and effective.


Learn what you want to know to have fun and play the songs and music you enjoy. 


Learn what you need to know to become the knowledgeable, well rounded, creative and self-reliant musician you desire to be. 


This balanced approach to the immediate enjoyment of the instrument while also working towards building a strong musical foundation for the future is ultimately the most satisfying and rewarding approach to learning the clarinet. 

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Clarinet Lessons

The clarinet is an instrument in the woodwind family. It is a terrific starting point in music for a child. The size and weight are perfect for a child's small hands.  In addition, it can be easily transported.Clarinet lessons are a great way to introduce young people to the world of music. Not only do clarinet lessons introduce them to a fascinating cultural world - it has been proven that introduction to music like clarinet lessons gives a young person an advantage in understanding maths and science. Naperville Music is here to provide you with a clarinet teacher that will make that introduction to the clarinet special.

What age should my child start Clarinet lessons?

The clarinet is a popular instrument in school programs so your child will have the opportunity to participate in band or orchestra with their friends. The recommended age to start a child in clarinet lessons is 8 years. The lessons will teach your child the proper position for holding the instrument. They will focus on embouchure (the way you shape your mouth while playing), tone control, finger placement, and music reading. The theory taught to play the clarinet is also very similar to the saxophone and the flute. Many times young players will learn on the clarinet and then switch over to one or both of the others to broaden their musical talents.Our instructors help you achieve your clarinet goals. Learn proven techniques for improving your woodwind instrument skills, and take advantage of our many performance opportunities.Naperville Music delivers high caliber, private clarinet instrument lessons with highly experienced woodwind instructors who love music and love to teach.

Did You Know?

The main body of the clarinet is divided into the upper joint whose holes and most keys are operated by the left hand and the lower joint with holes and joints used by the right hand. The weight of the instrument is supported by the right thumb using the thumb rest. Looking at the clarinet makes it appear to be a difficult instrument to learn. However, learning one key at a time makes the process understandable.The clarinet is stored in the case in five pieces: the lower joint, the upper joint, the barrel, the bell and the video mouthpiece. It is important that your child knows how to properly put it together and take it apart for storage.


Our instructors will help you achieve your goals. Learn proven techniques for improving your playing skills, and take advantage of our many performance opportunities. Each lesson is 1/2 hour long. You will receive one lesson each week, here in our modern studios.

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We would invite you to discuss enrolling in clarinet lessons with us today. The sooner you enroll, the sooner you can start enjoying the fun that clarinet lessons can bring. Give us a call or visit our studio. We would be happy to provide any further information on clarinet or any of our other lessons.

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